Giving sailing things another life.

Sails are strong and durable, made to withstand Earth’s toughest environments. 

Made from complex synthetic materials, sails aren’t recycled and end up in the landfill.

Old sailing materials can be repurposed into new things, which is why we created ReSail - our global platform to help our sailing community do just that.

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97% of all sails end up in landfill.



Upcycle what already exists.

In the short term, upcycling is the quickest and easiest way to prolong the life of a used sail. This is where our platform starts. ReSail encourages all of us sailors to view used sails as a new resource, not waste, when they come to the end of their sailing life.


Encourage constructional change.

Critically, the very nature of sail composition and construction needs to develop so that the materials used can more easily be deconstructed, reclaimed, reused and recycled, all with as little waste as possible. We work with our sailmaker friends to help do just that.

Sail Construction

Explore the material science of sails.

Working alongside all our fantastic partners, we want to better understand how sail materials can be used in other contexts, environments and industries, for completely new products and services.

Material science