Material Science Consortium

Exploring the material science of sails


We want to explore the material science behind sail construction so that new avenues and uses, beyond the sailing world, can be found when the time comes for sails to be recycled and repurposed. 

There are a range of different environments, industries and contexts that the materials within sails can be used for, including for completely new products and services. 

We are proud partners of Dimension-Polyant and New Order of Fashion, and together we are working to better understand the material opportunities of sail fabrics beyond the sailing and marine industries.


About our Consortium members



Dimension-Polyant is market leader in manufacturing sailcloth. Through combining traditional craftsmanship and the latest technologies, Dimension-Polyant’s products have the highest quality standards ever since 1966. Since 2021, Dimension Polyant produces climate neutral and is widely known for leading the way to a more sustainable and long lasting application of sails.


New Order of Fashion

New Order of Fashion (NOoF) is a research and design platform that enables the world's most visionary design talents to boost the transition to a circular fashion and textile  industry. NOoF talents illustrate fresh perspectives through innovation, exploration and validation. With post consumer and post production textiles as its valuable source, NOoF presents a unique opportunity for the industry to involve bright young design talents to rethink, design and reinvent discarded materials.


Clean Sailors

Clean Sailors represent a community of international sailors who recognise their responsibility to look after the seas they sail. Clean Sailors help to ensure that the sea is protected and that she may recover, flourish and continue to support the plethora of life and ecosystems that have thrived for generations before us. Clean Sailors acknowledge they have a great responsibility in helping to safeguard the ocean’s clean and healthy future. Clean Sailors’ project ‘Resail’ encourages the sailing community to collect used sails and hand them in at drop off points near them.