SPOTLIGHT: Bolina Sail, Italy

Bolina Sails Resail by Clean Sailors

In our 'Spotlight' series, we speak with some of the people and teams working to give sails a second life.

In this edition, we speak with Emanuele, founder of Bolina Sail in Italy, committed to doing his part to reduce our impact on our Earth. 

Tell us about your ReSail project, how did you get started?  
Bolina Sail is a craft workshop based in Lignano Sabbiadoro, a small peninsula overlooking the Adriatic Sea between Venice and Trieste. The surrounding lagoon inspires us daily through its rich ecosystem and its beautiful landscape.

Bolina translates as “upwind”, just as we have gone against the wind of constant consumption and fast fashion.

We started as a game, but the desire to learn and the approval of our customers encouraged us to study how to reuse sails to convey the message of recycling to more and more people.

What materials do you most look for, why this in particular?  
The material we use the most is dacron (on which we can also print, to personalize our products even more), followed by nylon. We recover these fabrics both from the "white" sails of large and small boats, and from spinnakers and kitesurfers.
Bolina Sails on ReSail by Clean Sailors
What has been your proudest achievement so far?
Our best achievement? Being able to do a job that we like and that makes us discover new things every day.

Why is it important for you that we give old things new life?
We want to do our part to reduce man's environmental impact on Earth.
The sea is our world, for this reason we have chosen to give a new life to the sails, which are also a metaphor for man's coexistence with nature and the desire for continuous discovery.
Bolina Sails on ReSail by Clean Sailors
Where can we find out more about your project?
You can discover more on our website & e-commerce and on our social media pages